Welcome to our exclusive...

Facebook & Instagram Ads Program...

Doing the Facebook & Instagram Ads yourself for your e-commerce Business...

Getting your product Sold. That’s the main reason for you to advertise your e-comm business in Facebook & Instagram. And you are doing this by yourself.

Whether it is the creative, the Ad copy or the targeting, you do it all (or most of it) by yourself. You setup the whole campaign and run it for a few days…

…All that to realised you haven’t even got a return on your Ad as you were expecting. 

The funny thing? Everybody around you were recommending and strongly affirming that Facebook & Instagram Ads actually works 🙄 

...And all that to realize that "they don't work"?

So, you decided to try other platforms…but you still get the same (if not worse) results.

Unfortunately, this is what most business owner experience when trying Facebook & Instagram Ads by themselves… all to get to the conclusion that “they don’t work”.

But, how are, then, thousand of startups, small & medium (and big) size companies generating 7 to 8 figures by using those platforms? Chances are Facebook & Instagram Ads really work. But you actually used them in the wrong way.

What if you had a “Facebook & Instagram Ads expert” contractor on the first place who managed all your Ads?  How would have the result been different?

...Then, this program is for you.

That’s my area of knowledge. And what this program is about. I use the same Facebook & Instagram strategies that the most successful startups in the world use to make hundred of thousands of sales online (with positive ROI). 

When participating in this program, you will get a full strategic plan for Facebook & Instagram Ads focused on maximizing your return on Investment.

After partnering with me (through this program), you will start seeing a positive return on your investment, typically after 90 days of starting with the program.

You wouldn’t let a Marketer do your finance...

So, why are you, an e-commerce entrepreneur, doing the Facebook & Instagram Ads? Let a trained, professional specialist, do this for you.

What is This Program About?

This is a partnership, “done-for-you” program, which means that I will take full responsibility on your Facebook & Instagram Ads, and everything in between, including:

Avatar Research

In-deep and extensive target audience research.

Ad Copy & Creative Variants

Including different formats such as Video, image, carrousel & GIF's

Interest Discovery

This is all about finding the avatars inside Facebook & Instagram, and target this audience on the platform.

Campaign Setup, Management, Optimisation & Scale

On-going campaign execution to maximize budget and ROI.

Analysis & Reporting

Weekly reports on campaigns, and improvement suggestions

Who is your Skilled Marketer?

  • ROI focused

    I use the same strategies that the most successful marketers in the world use to make hundreds of thousands of sales online.

  • High-level Marketing education

    I have educated myself on it. A lot. I have a Master of Arts in Strategic Marketing Comms from University of Greenwich (London). I also have numerous Digital Marketing Certifications on my belt to prove it.

  • Proven track of results

    I have done this before. I have developed strategies, built Facebook & Instagram Ads, and written email Marketing copy to help businesses grow.

My Professional Qualifications

Ecommerce Certification
Analytics Certification

What previous customers say about me

Completely awesome. The developer went way beyond and over-delivered massively. I couldn't be happier with the result. Thanks Jerson. Very much appreciated, will recommend and return myself soon for more. Thanks again for the awesome work.

Stephen H.

from Peopleperhour.com

Jerson is an absolute master in Facebook, Email advertising and social media posting! He helped us with increasing bookings for our business. To be honest, I think he underprices his services. He's hard-working, finishes at deadlines, the quality of the work is just amazing and he was able to achieve our objective. I would highly recommend him to anyone!

Daniek Z.

from Peopleperhour.com

It was a pleasure working with Jerson! He created exactly what I was looking for with very minimal back and forth. I would highly recommend him.

Jack L.

from Peopleperhour.com

Who is this program for?

You will be great fit if your business fall into one of those business categories:

Eco-Friendly Businesses

Environmental friendly businesses who sell physical products

Fitness & Wellness Businesses

that sell information, coaching or physical products

Vegan Food & Beverage Businesses

that offer cruelty free and environmently friendly products

Online Coffee Businesses

that sell specialty coffee online

Travel & Eco-Tourism Businesses

that offer innovative travel & eco-turism experiences

Are we a good fit?

Before starting, It is important to know whether we are a good fit for each other. All business I make a partnership with has (at least) ALL of the following:

  • A ready-to-go Website

    Where they sell their physical, information or coaching product from. They often have a funnel in place.

  • An unique, original product...

    ...that brings something new to what it’s already in the market.

  • Ability to invest in Facebook & Instagram Ads

    An ability to invest, at least, £5000/month in this program (including Ad Budget).

Ready to finally get a positive ROI on Facebook & Instagram Ads?

What's next...

When you start this Facebook & Instagram Ads Program, you will go through my 4 step process:

  • Getting to know each other

    To start with, fill in the form and schedule a 15-20 minutes conference call. I’d love to learn as much as possible about your business, products, your target audience and customers. During that call, we’ll have a short conversation about your goals and what you’re currently doing in your Marketing (hint: You can ask us questions too).

  • Designing the roadmap of success

    If we discover I can grow your business, I’ll conduct in-deep research, including competitors, current customers, the results of your current Advertising efforts, etc., so that, I can trace an effective plan of growth for your business. You will have the possibility to keep this plan for yourself (even if we don’t work together afterwards).

  • Getting your business on-board

    If we are both happy to go, we’ll set a start date to get started. After this, I will clearly walk you through what I need to get started (access to you Facebook Ads Manager account, etc).

  • Getting a Return on Investment

    Once I get in charge of your Facebook & Instagram Ads, you’ll start seeing a return on your investment, usually within 90 days of us working together.

Ready to finally get a positive ROI on Facebook & Instagram Ads?