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What's next...

When you start this Facebook & Instagram Ads Program, you will go through my 4 step process:

  • Getting to know each other

    To start with, fill in the form and schedule a 15-20 minutes conference call. I’d love to learn as much as possible about your business, products, your target audience and customers. During that call, we’ll have a short conversation about your goals and what you’re currently doing in your Marketing (hint: You can ask us questions too).

  • Designing the roadmap of success

    If we discover I can grow your business, I’ll conduct in-deep research, including competitors, current customers, the results of your current Advertising efforts, etc., so that, I can trace an effective plan of growth for your business. You will have the possibility to keep this plan for yourself (even if we don’t work together afterwards).

  • Getting your business on-board

    If we are both happy to go, we’ll set a start date to get started. After this, I will clearly walk you through what I need to get started (access to you Facebook Ads Manager account, etc).

  • Getting a Return on Investment

    Once I get in charge of your Facebook & Instagram Ads, you’ll start seeing a return on your investment, usually within 90 days of us working together.