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Is this a good time to sell coffee online?

sell coffee online 2020

Short answer: Yes

We have been asked this question A LOT in the past month…

Many local coffee shops are now looking for ways to adapt and keep themselves operatives during those uncertain days (if you are not doing this, maybe now it’s the time to start).

And one of these ways is going online.

Personally, I believe it’s a MUST DO.

Whether it’s coffee bags, coffee mugs, juices or any other related item, you should be looking for ways to turn your offline channels into online ones.

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But here is the big objection…

The Specialty coffee industry, in general, has seen a tremendous decrease in coffee demand due to the spread of the virus:

coffee demand decrease

Scared, right?

Well, as long as this news is true, this demand decrease is NOT provoked by a general rejection of drinking coffee.

In fact, people still love (and drink) coffee as much as they used to do.

This dropoff is basically due to the massive closure of local coffee shops in response to the pandemic.

In other words:

demand for coffee

And your job, as Specialty coffee entrepreneur, is to adapt to this demand.

Not convinced yet? Here is the proof of this…

Many Specialty coffee roasteries are reporting a huge increase in online coffee bag orders since the lockdown started in the UK.

The following examples belong to a few coffee roasteries that are reporting this fact in Social Media:

    • Round Hill Roastery
    • Dear Green
    • Artisan Rast Coffee Roasters 
    • Dark Wood Coffee
    • Workshop Coffee

Let’s dig into each of these posts…

This bath (UK) based Specialty Coffee Roastery offer deliveries Nationwide. In this post, they are clearly “blown away” with the number of orders they received online.

Round Hill Roastery comment

That’s keeping them busy!

And if you have noticed, it was posted on March 30, a week after the UK start the lockdown.

Once again, this Specialty coffee roastery based in Glasgow (Wales, UK) is reporting a growing amount of sales in the week the lockdown started.

Dear Green comments

That’s another evidence of the consumption habit change that is happening as a consequence of the crisis.

P.D. Notice how their followers are responding positively to their posts!

This is another coffee roastery getting busy during lockdown times. Notice that the date of this post is more recent, but they are still doing good.

Artisan coffee roasters comments

They have gotten 228 likes so far as the reaction of their followers in the comments is very positive.

4. Dark Woods Coffee

Once again, Dark wood coffee (based in West Yorkshire, UK) is receiving a lot of support, not only from their customers, but also from their employees.

Dark woods coffee
Dark woods coffee comments 1

Still not convinced that starting an online coffee business now it’s a good idea? Let me show you the last example:

See how this coffee roaster based in London are getting busy during these days (and how their customers appreciate it).

Workshop coffee comments

Alright, so I hope you have now so much inspiration for start your online coffee business 😀

Is our roastery experiencing a different situation? 

Let me know in the comments below!  

NOTE: We are growing a community for online coffee businesses. 👇, Join our Facebook Group here👇.

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