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How to Optimise the Instagram Profile of your Specialty Coffee Shop

How to optimise the Instagram Profile of your Specialty Coffee Shop

A well-optimised Instagram profile is key for succeeding in the platform. 

And when I say succeeding*, I mean two main goals:

    • Converting profile visitors into followers
    • Converting Instagram followers into customers

Of course, there are other key elements, such as engagement

However, the previous two are the ones that come directly as a consequence of profile optimisation.

And there are four main parts of your profile that can be optimised for these goals:

    1. Bio Description
    2. Link in Bio
    3. Story highlights
    4. Profile Image Gallery

Let’s jump into each of these parts…

1. Bio Description

The Bio description is the description that appears right below the account name.

April Coffee Instagram Profile

What makes a good bio is its ability to be very specific. This will differentiate your business from others similar.

If you have a unique selling point for your brand, this would be the perfect place to paste it.

For example, in the image right above, April coffee clearly states the fact that they are based in Copenhagen.

This differentiates their roastery from another based in London, for example.

And it may manifest their intention to focus on Denmark in particular, and the central-European Market in general.

Now that you know what makes a good Bio description, let’s jump into what elements should be included. 

And this varies depending on how big your business is.

Let me explain this.

Specialty coffee shops with only one location should include more elements than those with more than 5 locations.

Let’s go more in-deep with this:

    • 1 to 2 Locations:

if your specialty coffee shop has up to two locations, it is a good practice to Add the opening hours right below your Bio description.

And one specialty coffee business that is doing just this is Sweven Coffee, as seen on the image:

Sweven Coffee Instagram
    • From 3 to 5 Locations

When you start opening more locations, stating the opening hours below the bio description will get more complicated.

And the obvious reason for this is that your different coffee shops will likely have different hours, depending on how busy the area (where your coffee shop is based) in particular is.

This is why you should move the opening hours to more convenient platforms, such as Google Maps and your website.

And what I recommend you to do in your Instagram Bio is to replace the opening hours for the Area where your specialty coffee shops are located in your city (as well as your city). 

You can follow the example of Hermanos Colombian Coffee Roasters, as shown in the below image:

    • 5+ Locations

When you have 5 locations or more, I recommend you to only keep the bio description

This is because the more locations you have, the more irrelevant it is for the Instagram Bio. 

So instead of placing your area here, you can put this location in a specific page/section in your Website.

See how Notes Coffee does that:

Notes Coffee Instagram

BONUS TIP: Use either the Link in Bio or the story highlights to showcase the opening hours and locations of our Specialty Coffee Shop.

For the link in bio, you can use a URL that leads straight to the location section of your website.
In the case of the story highlights, you can show short stories of every location (I will show you an example of this in the story highlights part of this post).

2. Link in Bio

This is one of the most important parts of your Instagram profile optimisation.

And the reason for this is that the link in bio will trace the path of what your profile visitors should do next.

This, therefore, is a core component for any strategy aimed to bring customers from Instagram.

Now, what most coffee owners do in the link in bio is placing their website URL.

And this happens because the name of the blank for the link in bio is “Website”.

However, instead of simply placing the URL of your website, paste a very specific URL. A URL where you would like your profile visitors to go when they visit your Instagram page.

This URL could be something like:


Remember: specificity is king.

The more specific you are in your URL, the better.

Here is an example of how “Department of Coffee and Social Affairs” is using a very specific link in bio.

Notice how they are moving their profile visitors to their coffee school Landing Page:

Department of Coffee Instagram
Department of Coffee School Appointments

Smart, right?

Now, I want you to think about what is that specific logic next step that your Instagram profile visitors should take after visiting your profile.

Once you get clear on this, you are ready to optimize the next element of your profile: the story highlights.

3. Story Highlights

If you do not have a story highlight on your profile yet, it’s time to create your first.

This will not only increase the engagement of your users when they visit your profile but will also increase their curiosity about your specialty coffee shop.

And when doing well, it could lead to more users opening your link in bio.

But that is not the only way to use story highlights, though.

They could also be used to show your menu, coffee, staff, Locations or opening hours.

See how Notes Coffee is using the story highlights to showcase all these elements:

Notes Coffee Story Highlights

Note: In case you don’t know what the story highlights are, they are these small circles that appear right below your Bio description. They are stories that are attached to your profile.

Now it’s time for you to think about what information to include in your story highlights that engage with your visitors and showcase your offer.

And when you are done, jump into the last (but not least) part of your profile optimisation: the profile Image Gallery.

4. Profile Image Gallery

The profile image gallery refers to the visual part of your Instagram profile.

As you may know, when you post something on Instagram, these posts appear in a way of an image gallery in your profile.

And this is because Instagram is all about visuals.

So, guess what?

More visually attractive posts generally get higher engagement.

Consequently, more visually attractive Instagram Profile Feeds get more followers.

This is a time for you to get very creative, not only in individual posts but in how all posts look visually as overall.

For some inspiration, let’s see how a very well known specialty coffee shop is working in their visual part of their feed profile.

Grind Coffee IG Profile Feed

The above image belongs to the Instagram Feed of Grind.

As noticed in the screenshot, Grind uses specific posts with a pink background followed by an image and then using another pink background post.

This makes its Instagram feed highly visually (and not only their individual posts).

This is, perhaps, the reason why they have many followers.

Grind Coffee IG Profile Link Bio

And now, you know what comes next

It ‘s time for you to think about how to turn your Instagram profile feed into a visually attractive profile. 

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