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How to successfully market your Specialty coffee shop without breaking the bank (a.k.a. It’s NOT Instagram)

How to market your coffee shop

When it comes to market your specialty coffee shop, there are two main things most coffee shop owners do:

  • Post on Instagram & Facebook
  • Use Loyalty cards

These strategies are definitely good to have. And you should have a regular presence in Social Media to reach your audience organically (and use loyalty cards to give them a reason to come back).

However, this post is NOT about the common strategies that you are tired to read in most Specialty coffee shop blogs.

Instead, I want to give you here four proven ideas that you can use right now to attract visitors to your coffee shop (and keep them coming). 

1. Use a Referral program

Referal Program

A referral program is a software or tool that awards those who refer your coffee shop to someone else.

Think about it.

Your own customers bring up your business with their friends and relatives (via email invitation). 

They will earn a free coffee, while their invitees will get a deal or discount. And you, in the meanwhile, gain more customers and increase loyalty. It’s a win-win situation.

This strategy uses the power of Word Of Mouth (WOM), which is one of the most powerful way to bring new customers. In fact, a study made by Nielsen found that 83% of consumers manifest to trust recommendations from family, friends and colleges.

With this, my favourite referral tool is Referral Candy.

2. Use Email Marketing

Email Marketing

If you have an email list of your customers, it’s good practice to send them weekly or monthly emails with information about your products, offers, and more. 

This will help them keep your coffee shop in their mind and remind them that you are still there for coffee.   

I use this Email Software to manage my list and send them email updates.

But if you DON’T have an email list yet, here are a few things you can do to build it:

Get your web visitors emailWhen somebody visits your website, offer them a discount or free coffee in exchange for their email addresses. 

In this regard, you can easily enable a non-obstructing popup on your website when they attempt to exit. 

The popup is going to be the place where you offer them a discount or free coffee. 

My Favourites popup plugins are Thrive Themes (for WordPress) or Poptin (For Shopify)


Get In-store visitors email: Here are two methods to get the email address from the customers who visit your coffee shop:

The first approach is to leave a small note or remainder on the table where you ask them to go to your website for a discount or free coffee in exchange for their email address.

The second method is to ask them for their email address when they try to access the Wifi. This method is more expensive than the first one, but very effective. One tool you can use for this is Aislelabs

3. Drive Reviews on Google Maps

Google Maps reviews

Google maps is an incredible way to drive customers to your coffee shop. But in order to make it effective, make sure you have nice pics of your shop and, more importantly, very good reviews.

A good review could be the difference between a customer choosing your shop or going to your competitor next door.

4. Advertise your coffee shop for $5/day or less on Facebook

Facebook Ads

This technique is one of the more underestimated ones among coffee shop owners, yet the most powerful to attract customers to your local business.

And here is why

Facebook allows you to put your coffee shop in from of the people that are hanging around the area. 

Imagine somebody walking at a relatively short distance from your coffee shop. This person decides to check her Facebook profile and… BOOM! She sees a sponsored post on her feed about a coffee shop that is in the area.

She then chicks on the Ad, and lands into a webpage. This webpage has a button that is linked to the Google Maps location of the coffee shop.

As a result, she clicks on it and finds YOUR coffee shop, where she buys a delicious cappuccino.

That’s amazing, isn’t it?

This is an example of how effective a Facebook Ad Campaign could be.

Do you have a different strategy I didn’t mention to market your specialty coffee shop?

If so, let us know in the comments below!

(NOTE: We are growing the “to go community” for all Marketing-related questions about Specialty Coffee businesses. Join our Facebook Group here)

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